Run By Giri Institute Of Professional Studies Research Training, Lucknow.

Please note that the Course has been modofied by the Lucknow University as per the directives of the Bar Council of India from the Academic Session 2009-10. The same shall be notofied in due course of time.

The Proposed Scheme of Course for (Three Year) LL.B. Programme of Lucknow University (Old)

There are 21 Compulsory theory papers, 3 Compulsory Practical papers and 3 Compulsory Optional papers. i.e. Total 27 Papers.

27 Papers have been divided in three years i.e. 9 Papers per Year.

Each year to be divided in Two semesters.

Nine (9) papers- Each Year- Each to be divided in Two Parts.

As per UGC guide lines- Each paper to be taught in 84 Lectures of one Hour Duration in a year. Which means 42 Lectures per semester- per paper.

As for as practicable Course/Syllabus to be same as provided in UGC model curriculum. This is to be bifurcated for Semester system and further divided in 4 units as per examination pattern of L.U.

Maximum Marks each paper/each semester = 50 marks i.e. 450 marks per semester and 900 marks each year. Division to be awarded on the basis of combined marks of three years i.e. 2700 marks.

 Maximum marks in each paper per year = 100 marks

* Minimum pass marks- 30% = 30/100 each paper.

* Minimum pass marks (II Div. Marks)- 48% = 432/900 and 1296/2700

   (LL.B. I+II+III) each year

* Minimum pass marks (I Div. Marks)- 60% = 1620/2700 Final year (LL.B. I+II+III)

* Time allowed for each paper (written) = 3 Hours

Grace marks: 5 in a paper or 5 in aggregate per-year where ever required. [Either in paper or in (aggregate)]

A Candidate can opt three optional papers in entire three years of study, i.e. one paper per year. The teaching of optional papers shall depend on the direction of Lucknow University.

 A Candidate is required to clear individual papers of the year before he can be promoted to next year. However, he can be promoted to next year even if he abstains or fails in one paper or fails in aggregate provided he has obtained 48% marks excluding one paper and shall be allowed to sit for back paper in the paper in which he has failed or has obtained least marks. Back paper facility for improvement in division shall be available only in one paper throughout the career and that too only once.

 Semester wise detailed course has been given. The list of cases and books is only illustrative. (Available in office of the College)